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A strategic designer who brings business, people and tech together, by visualising solutions that increase customer retention and loyalty.

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studio tadyke / 2023

Capturing an intimate and special moment in 3D


Studio Tadyke is a start-up that creates pregnancy statues. They experienced challenges regarding their online presence, and, to let families make appointments in a concise, informed way.


30+ appointments within the first three months after launch.
500% increased conversion rate.
25% less appointment management time.


I was in full charge of the website's project. Lead the discovery session, managed stakeholder needs and expectations, designed and developed the website.


Responsive web design.
Visual and UI design.
No-code development in Webflow.

The Visualiser / 2023

Strategically building 'The Visualiser' as personal brand


What unique value propositions do I have as a designer? How do I position myself to stand out in the hyper-competitive market?


Multiple channels designed and built. The Visualiser brand gained a strong mental and consistent visual identity.


I led the entire project. From strategy to multi-channel execution. Created the brand guide. And designed the brand to scale easily.


Branding and strategy.
Digital design.
No-code development in Webflow.

Pencil / 2023

Turning strategic execution into a flexible and scalable system


Essembling a central space for brand guidelines and design language. Writing the guidelines effectively to ensure every brand contributor can utilise it.


Design that is future proof and easy to scale. Fundamentals, brand and brand carrier guidelines are set. The system is a single source of truth.


I wrote all guidelines, designed the design system, protyped and tested it through usability testing and design critiques.


Branding and strategy.
Visual and UI design.
Design system.

services / Expertise

How I add value to businesses


UX & Product Design

Turn strategy into interface and interaction. I’m your creative compass. SaaS, websites and apps. Establishing the optimal customer experience that sparks customer loyalty.


No-code Development

Websites that lead to income for business and brand. Stellar design, user friendly. Boost the brand’s online imago and widen its customer reach.


Design Systems

Scale a business' visual identity. Through design systems, I harmonise aesthetics and functionality. Improving the brand recognition on all media channels.


Digital Design

Translate business strategies to appealing and attention grabbing digital channel executions.

Reviews / Quotes

What others say about our collaboration

Tamara Leeflang
Founder, Studio Tadyke
I am so happy that I had my beautiful website made by Liam! He really took the time to listen to my ideas, develop them into sketches, and then bring them to life as a website.

Whenever I had an idea, Liam made sure to understand it well. If my idea turned out to be not entirely realistic, he would suggest good alternatives, always with a clear explanation of why an alternative or adjustment would be better.

It was a very pleasant collaboration; therefore, I would truly recommend Liam to everyone!
Feb. 2024
Rob Hill
CEO, Linx-IT Solutions bv
Eager. If someone’s eager it would be Liam. Participating in a range of courses to upgrade his knowledge in UX/UI design not being the only thing he’s eager about. Eager to translate the business requirements into a user-friendly, intuitive interface. The sum of this results in easthetic visualizations of the customer journey, which we experienced as an excellent point for take off in our software development process.
Feb. 2024
Hans Jonker
Founder & CEO, Jonker Advies
Liam understands by nature, that design forms the fundament of the message, in order to move the heart.
Feb. 2024
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