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The feeling of curiosity and continuous learning

In the past, being an architect or teacher grabbed my attention. But the moment I met Interaction Design and UX, my hunger shifted permanently.

Finding the balance between business, people and tech through creativity? Nothing else could be more awesome than that!

My deep exploration started and I graduated as an Interaction Designer from Media College Amsterdam. The place where internship turned job. Straight out of school I started at Linx-it, a SaaS company.

It was super fun, but the hunger for knowledge didn't settle.

After a few months, I started participating in courses via the Interaction Design Foundation, besides my design role at Linx.

Fast forward, I’m active as a designer at New Story, a digital creative agency.

But the hunger returned. I reflected on the feeling critically, and found out it was curiosity. An eagerness for continuous learning.

In 2023, I set the ultimate next step and started a part-time Communication and Multimedia Design education at the University of Arnhem-Nijmegen. While I keep working at New Story on dope, diverse projects.

Vision / mission

The present day, with a vision for the future

School, education and experience from the field, led me to my personal vision and mission.

I believe that the customer experience is one of the core differentiators for businesses, in order to create a unique, competitive advantage. One that gains customer retention.

But the business' customer experience is nothing without people and technology. These 3 core pillars need to be balanced out in order to make a customer experience work.

I strive to tackle these challenges of balance, with a goal-oriented and strategic approach. One where I visualise and design solutions.

Fun / facts

When I’m not problem-solving or designing, you'll find me...



Another passion. But more artistic expression, infinite exploring, and developing my personal style.



That’s like a brain-broom for me. It’s my go-to way to reflect on the day, and keep my head clean from noise.


Climbing and sports

Any reserve battery goes into sports. Though climbing is my current favorite, it’s not exclusive. Squash, fitness, padel, running, you name it. “But what about [...]?” I’m happy to try it out!



When my ADHD turns to the annoying side, I start to read. Minutes fly by like seconds. Weird preference, in the proximity of plants is the best spot to open a book.


Building relationships

Spending time with family and friends is something I find important. The choice above all else. Talking for hours, going on adventures, investing time in one another. And of course, the travels.


Dungeons & Dragons

No explanation needed.

Principles / values

How I keep my pencil sharp and ready


Critical thinking

Critical thinking is what I apply constantly. Challenging biases towards a problem, validate assumptions, ask critical qeustions and research.



Constantly gathering information is important, as new insights can press influence on the eventual solution. Take on the attitude of a researcher.


Communication is king

Simple, yet effective communication from the start. I tend to be crystal clear communicator, which adds to a pleasant collaboration.


Feedback is queen

I keep a keen eye on the details. While I find continuous feedback gathering crucial, since it contributes to an solution that meets all 3 core pillars.


Always try to validate

When assumptions and hypotheses are validated, decisions become data-driven. The deeper you dive into a problem at the start, the more revisions you save later.


Embrace creativity

Defining what process is most suitable for the project at hand is crucial. I embrace creative sidesteps, hunches and intuition during that process.

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