Studio Tadyke

Capturing a special and intimate moment in 3D


The alternative to static photos

Studio Tadyke is a start-up that creates 3D pregnancy statues, a few weeks before the world is welcomed with a new human. They experienced challenges regarding their online presence, and, to let families make appointments in a concise, informed way. While radiating trustworthiness by feeling like home.

Discovery / brand identity

The end justifies the means

The entrepreneur she is, she started on her own in WordPress. Though, due to the tight timeline and her business vision, I advised her to build in Webflow. After I demoed, stressing she can manage her own content, I convinced her to transfer.

I identified the site’s structure during discovery and achieved alignment by communicating the site's information architecture in an accessible way.

Ux / visual design

Constant expectation management through alignment and communication

Wireframes ensured we could go back and forth rapidly, to verify the design direction. This solved the problem of spending unnecessary resources on a tight deadline. After a couple of review sessions, where I asked for feedback and provided advice, we did the same for the visual design.


A welcoming, warm and cozy website that feels like home

This goal-oriented approach not only sped up the process, but also quality of work, alignment and expectation management. I’ve managed to set Tadyke apart from the competition and increased their online presence. By creating a welcoming website, that converts and aligns perfectly to their business vision.

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